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Sintis Antiterrorist Bombjammers Powerful Safety

Sintis Antiterrorist Bombjammers Powerful Safety Sintis Antiterrorist Bomb Jammers Powerful Safety  More than forty years experience in radioelectronic warfare How Sintis protect you VIP automobile < PROTECTION DISTANCE > Jammer IED – improvised explosive device; bj – bomb jammer; IED (bomb); Kp – protection coefficient;. Protection coefficient is equal to the ratio of the distance around the jammer, in which the IED could not be activated […]

Mobile Jammer BJ™VIP-300X2v4

Mobile Jammer BJ™VIP-300X2v4 Mobile Jammer BJ™VIP-300X2v4 The purpose of  Mobile Jammer BJ™VIP-300X2v4 is to ensure protection from radio-controlled bombs. BJ™VIP-300X2v4 Mobile Jammer is equipped with 32 modules. They are wide-band and cover the frequency range of 20 MHz – 3 000 MHz. The frequency ranges and the separate modules power are determined for jamming the ones most-frequently used in […]


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COMPANY PROFILE OF SINTIS ACTIVITY: production, research, design and trade of military and industrial electronics, systems and devices for radio controlled counteraction and protection of information. Devices for radio-electronic war: Radio jamming transmitters for one-time use designed for artillery and jet systems; Wide-band and target radio jamming devices with a 1.5 ÷ 6000 MHz band […]

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