Sintis Antiterrorist Bombjammers Powerful Safety

Sintis Antiterrorist Bombjammers Powerful Safety

Sintis Antiterrorist Bomb Jammers Powerful Safety 

More than forty years experience in radioelectronic warfare

How Sintis protect you

VIP automobile < PROTECTION DISTANCE > Jammer

  • IED – improvised explosive device;
  • bj – bomb jammer; IED (bomb);
  • Kp – protection coefficient;.

Protection coefficient is equal to the ratio of the distance around the jammer, in which the IED could not be activated and the distance between the terrorist and the IED

  • kp = djbp / dtb
  • h – coefficient of radio jamming efficiency
  • n – ratio interference/signal where ied is not activated
  • pb – power of the terrorist transmitter
  • pj – power of the jammer
  • ∆fb – frequency band of the IED receiver
  • ∆fj – frequency band of the jammer
  • Kp = {[ h*pj*∆fb ] / [ n* pb*∆fj ]}1/4

Ensuring protection of remotely activated IED requires energy source proportional to the protection coefficient.

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