Live Media Coverage

    Live Media Coverage


NATO Home Index, October 26, 2005, „NATO Secretary General, Jaap de Hoop Scheffer visits the exhibition“, link:



Ministere de la Defense, FranceAugust 28, 2014, Article Hemus – 2014, link:


The NationalJune 8, 2014, In pictures: inauguration of Egypt’s President El Sisi, link:



El BaladJune 8, 2014, Sisi arrives Quba palace to celeberate his inauguration,by Rehab Sayed, link:


tv5haberweb,June 9, 2014, SİSİ RESMEN GÖREVDE, Video source, link:


EuronewsFebruary 10, 2015, Sintis Jammer BJTMVIP-300x in VVIP Motorcade during President Putin’s visit to Egypt, by Joanna Gill, with REUTERS, EGYPTIAN TV. Video source. link:



BBC NEWS, June 8, 2014,Orla Guerin, Cairo, Video source, link:


RadarMasrTubeJune 8, 2014, Video source, link:, June 8, 2014, Video source, link: 


CCTV News, June 9, 2014, Video source, link:


REUTERS, June 30, 2012, Photo taken by Amr Abdallah Dalsh


REUTERS, June 30, 2015,

Al Jazeera, July 1, 2012, Video source, link:


Survaillance & Security in an Asymmetrical Era, March 11, 2014, SWAT Team Product Review, „Sintis Technology a Bulgarian based security and Surveillance Company has a suite of RF products that any SWAT or regional police force might be interested in evaluating for being prepared for the next Boston Marathon type attack. It’s highly likely that rather then bombs we will see some sort of Cyber Threat. It appears that these products would be greatly beneficial in countering that type of activity.“, link:


Army Recognition, September 5, 2013, „The Mobile Jammer Opened Up at MSPO 2013: WZM presents its mobile jammer at MSPO International Defence Industry Exhibition 2013. At MSPO 2013, Polish manufacturer WZM showcased a mobile jammer unit for VIP. Mounted on a truck roof the Mobile Jammer BJ VIP-300X2v4KV is intended to protect vehicles from radio controlled bomb.“, link:, July 1, 2012, Video source, link:, link:



BNT, October 9, 2014, „Bulgarian bomb jammer has been sold on four continents“, in Bulgarian, Video source, link:, October 18, 2014, „Purchase through Aliance: 3 times cheaper, and 3 times faster“, in Bulgarian,source:, October 20, 2014, „Industrial Forum 2014„, in Bulgarian, Video source:



NEWS7,  LIVE, April 11, 2014, „Past, Present, and Future of our Defense Industry“, in Bulgarian, Video source, linkВъпрос-на-гледна-точка/Минало-настояще-и-бъдеще-на-военната-ни-индустрия



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