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Sintis Global Defense Industry Market

Sintis Global Defense Industry Market USA – antiterrorist portable and mobile jamming devices    Germany – mobile antiterrorist jamming devices   UK – systems for Information Security   Egypt  – mobile and portable antiterrorist jamming devices   Republic of Iraq – RCIED antiterrorist jamming devices   Russia – mobile antiterrorist jamming devices   China – artillery jamming devices for one-time use   […]

 We Offer

 We Offer Very high power jamming systems, 1,5 – 6,000 MHz (Perspective R&D Horizon ~ up to 9,000 MHz) Vehicular Jamming system (Military and VIP convoy protection to counter remotely controlled improvised explosive devices) Multi band Jamming system (Portable multi band cellphone jammer, VHF/UHF pelican Jammer) Indoor and Outdoor Jammers (Cellphone Jammers, GPS Jammers, Wireless […]

Sintis Technology LTD 

Sintis Technology LTD Sintis Technology Ltd, est. 2013 (successfully succeeded Sintis Ltd est. 1993), is certified under ISO 9000 / 9001 / 9004 / 19011: 2000. Sintis Technology Ltd perform outstanding business ethics, and strictly adhere Wasenaar Arrangement, WA-LIST (13) 1, Vienna, Austria, p. 170, 4 Dec 2013, available from: http://www.wassenaar.org/controllists/index.html   Copyright © 2014 Sintis Technology Ltd. All Rights Reserved. […]

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Man Pack Jammer MPJ 200X-1

Man Pack Jammer MPJ 200X-1 SINTIS MAN PACK JAMMER  – MPJ 200X-1 Sintis Man Pack Jamming (MPJ) system is used for electronic jamming of explosive devices control channels to protect troops on the move (either during a patrol, or during an individual soldier movement), personnel during its presence in the places with increased probability of controlled […]


COMPANY PROFILE OF SINTIS ACTIVITY: production, research, design and trade of military and industrial electronics, systems and devices for radio controlled counteraction and protection of information. Devices for radio-electronic war: Radio jamming transmitters for one-time use designed for artillery and jet systems; Wide-band and target radio jamming devices with a 1.5 ÷ 6000 MHz band […]

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