Mobile Radio Jammer CCJ-2.4

Mobile Radio Jammer CCJ-2.4

Mobile Radio Jammer CCJ-2.4

The purpose of Mobile Radio Jammer CCJ-2.4 is to ensure protection from covert cameras observation.

CCJ-2.4 radiates barrage radio-jamming signals. They wholly cover the radio-receiving tract of the jammed receiving devices, have noisy character and cannot be removed by filtration.

The jammed covert cameras devices lose their feasibility to receive the information, intended for them, as well suspend their work.
CCJ-2.4 is controlled from a remote control unit, which is located inside the vehicle.
CCJ-2.4 complies with the requirements for work in static and mobile modes.


ParametersPresent Records
 1. Jamming range, MHz2 400 ÷ 2 500
  2. Output power, W
> 35
3. Type of interference
Fast Random Scanning (FRS)
4. Mode of interference
5. Power supply, V
12 / 24 DC
6. Operation time with engine runningUnlimited
7. Working temperature, °Сfrom (-40°) to (+55°)
8. Weight, kg≤ 3
9. ControlsRemote control unit

10. Indications
Normal power supply;  “Transmission”/”Stand-by”
11. Protection for the operating personnel, standardsSAR; STANAG 2345

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