Electronic Warfare Drone System (EWDS)

Electronic Warfare Drone System (EWDS)

Electronic Warfare Drone System RAVEN JW (Perspective)

Electronic Warfare Drone System RAVEN JW comprises of a small, hardly detectable aircraft that can carry means for electronic warfare at a distance of more than 50 km from the place of its launching. In flight above 1000 m it effectively suppresses radio links to a range of 10000m in a wide frequency range 20 ÷ 6000 MHz. When penetrating above the enemy and in the barraging zone it flies in a completely autonomous mode.



А. Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) RAVEN JW is all-composites cantilever monoplane conventional configuration with piston engine. The guidance and control systems comprise of ground control station and the board control system (autopilot, GPS-receiver, transmitter for teleinformation, receiver for telecontrol, primary information unit and piloted sensors). Remotely piloting system provides direct remote piloting by an operator and programmed autonomous flight.

Spread /of wings/ 4.5 m Range of operation above 150 km
Length (without of antennas) 4.6 m Durance of flight >3 h
Height (without of antennas) 1.86 m Speed range 80÷180km/h
Power supply system > 2000 W Cruising speed > 150 km/h
Effective load at distance 150 km > 35 kg Operating heights 200 ÷ 3000 m
Working temperature, С -400 ÷ +550 Control With autopilot
Hours of flying between two technical maintenance  

250 h

Maximum distance of preprogramming  

> 40 km

В. Airborne Jammer AJ™300X

AJ™300X jammer is a dedicated device for suppression of tactical and airborne radio communication links as well as communication links for aviation command and guidance in 20÷6 000 MHz frequency range. It is used for locking of speech and digital radio communications in the range mentioned above. AJ™300X creates intensive wideband noise jamming of dedicated spectrum which saturates practically the whole frequency range radius. The jamming transmitted suppresses the operation of hostile technical reconnaissance devices located in jammer’s area of operation.

Transmitting modules: 38 pcs

Jamming range: 20÷6000 MHz

Power of each sub-band: ≈ 50 W

Mode of jamming: Wideband

Power supply for one transmitting module: ≈ 200 W

Type of jamming: Fast Random Scanning

Control: Remote program control

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