Portable Jamming Device BJ™VIP-200MP

Portable Jamming Device BJ™VIP-200MP

Portable Radio Jammer BJ™VIP-200MP (special design for MP)

The purpose of the Portable Radio Jammer BJ™VIP-200MP is to ensure individual protection from radio-controlled bombs.

The device transmits barrage radio jamming signals in the frequency bands, which are most commonly used for detonating radio-controlled bombs.

BJ™VIP-200MP  is a modular device specially designed for Military Police. It is fitted in a two standard briefcases and consists of 8 transmitter modules. Two of them are wide-band. The others jam the receivers of cellular phones. Each module works with a separate transmitting antenna. The internal antennas are made on a PCB. There is also an option for external antennas.

.BJ™VIP-200MP complies with the requirements for professional equipment, working in static and mobile modes. It has an automatic electronic protection system and indication. The protection system ensures the jammer’s flawless operation and the indication system shows its status, including the presence of radio transmission.


Parameters Present Records
1.         Frequency ranges, MHz    Wireless communications: 20 ÷ 530
   Communication band: 800 ÷ 900
   GSM:  900; 1800; 3600
SAT 1520, 1680, Wi-Fi (WLAN) SAT 2400, 2500
   2.         Total output power, W    >90
   3.         Antennas    Built-in and external
   4.         Category of the jamming    Barrage; FRS, with 1-channel window from 136÷174 MHz
   5.         Internal power supply    Rechargeable battery, 12 V
   6.         Battery charger    Built-in
   7.         External power supply    On-board power supply (DC) from 10.2 V to 16 V;
Main power (AC): from 96V to 246V/50, 60, 440 Hz
   8.         Operation time, min    From the battery: ≥ 60
From external power supply: unlimited
   9.         Working temperature, 0С    from -30° to +55°
 10.         Weight, kg    ≤ 2×20
 11.         Remote control by cable    Up to 50 m
 12.         Protection for the operating personnel    SAR, STANAG 2345 and BG standards

PROTECTION DISTANCE1), m (reference data)

Radio line that controls the bomb

Distance between the transmitter and the receiver, m

Output power of the transmitter, W

≥ 20

≥ 150

≤ 0,1

≥ 20

≥ 250

≤ 1

≥ 20

≥ 500

≤ 5

≥ 20

                                     ≥  10

car remote control

NOTE: 1). PROTECTION DISTANCE – this is the distance between the jammer and the receiver of the radio line that controls the bomb. The shown intervals define the protection distance at different environmental conditions.

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