Mobile GPS Radio Jammer GPSJ™VIP-300

Mobile GPS Radio Jammer GPSJ™VIP-300

Mobile GPS Radio Jammer GPSJ™VIP-300

The purpose of Mobile GPS Radio Jammer GPSJ™VIP-300 is to ensure protection from GPS systems observation. It can be used for individual protection from explosive devices as well, activated by means of GPS systems.

GPSJ™VIP-300 radiates barrage radio-jamming signals. They wholly cover the radio-receiving tract of the jammed GPS devices, have noisy character and cannot be removed by filtration. The jammed GPS devices lose their feasibility to receive the information, intended for them, and suspend their work as well.

GPSJ™VIP-300 is equipped with 3 modules. They are wide-band and cover the frequency range of 1100 MHz ÷ 1580 MHz.

GPSJ™VIP-300 is controlled from a remote control unit, which is located inside the vehicle.

GPSJ™VIP-300 complies with the requirements to work in static and mobile modes. It is equipped with an electronic protection system, which ensures its flawless operation.



Present Records

  1.  Jamming range

1100 ÷ 1230 MHz (Military GPS)
1230 ÷ 1350 MHz (Military GPS)
1520 ÷ 1580 MHz (GPS)

  2.  Total output power, W

> 25

  3.  Type of interference

Fast Random Scanning (FRS)

  4.  Mode of interference


  5.  Power supply, V

12 / 24 DC

  6.  Operation time with engine running


  7.  Working temperature, °С

from (-40°) to (+55°)

  8.  Weight, kg

≤ 3


Remote control unit (from the cabin)


On every single module / For all modules


Normal power supply; “Transmission”/”Stand-by”

      Protection for the operating personnel, standards




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