Mobile Telephone Jammer MTJ™VIP-100

Mobile Telephone Jammer MTJ™VIP-100

Mobile Telephones Jammer MTJ™VIP-100

The purpose of Mobile Telephone Jammer MTJ™VIP-100 is to ensure protection from cell phones and satellite mobile telephones.

MTJ™VIP-100 is a multichannel jammer for interfering cell and satellite mobile telephones. The suppressed devices loose their synchronization with the network. The resulting effect for the jammed device and for those who are trying to connect it is a lack of connection.
MTJ™VIP-100 emits scanning interference in several frequency ranges corresponding to the channels of the main station – subscriber. It covers the whole committed waveband with no possibilities of ignoring the jamming.

The device can be used in cinemas, theatres, concert halls, libraries, churches, etc., as well as for more special cases – for signal suppression in a definite region by the government authorities, for protection against phone – tapping and recording of conversations by a deliberately left open mobile telephone line.

It is prouced by original technology, License No 108778 / BG


1. Stationary radio jammer type MTJ™VIP-100   1     set
2. Power supply network cable   1     unit
4. Safety fuse   1     unit
5. Remote control device (optional)   1     unit
6. Remote control device cable (optional)   50     m
7. User’s manual   1     unit
8. Antennas   1     set

The radio jammer MTJ™VIP-100 can be transported with all kinds of transportation. It must be well adjusted in the transportation vehicle.


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