Cell-Phone Radio Jammer CPJ™VIP-300

Cell-Phone Radio Jammer CPJ™VIP-300

Cell-Phone Radio Jammer CPJ™VIP-300

The purpose of Cell-Phone Radio Jammer CPJ™VIP-300 is to ensure protection from cell phones.

The device can be used in vehicles and emits radio jamming barrage signals in the frequency bands of the cell telephone systems. The radio jamming signals cover the whole frequency band and they cannot be eliminated by frequency adjustments. The radio jamming signals that get into the receivers of the cell telephones are quasi noisy. Their structure does not allow them to be eliminated with of amplitude or frequency manipulations (restrictions or filtration).

  • The jammer has an automatic protection system, which ensures its flawless operation. This system monitors the operation modes of the transmitting modules and the normal emission of the correspondent antennas keeping the controlled parameters in safe ranges. If the operation modes are changed to unsafe values /for example malfunction of the cooling system, etc./ the protection system shuts down the corresponding module.
  • The indication system shows to the operator that the jammer is working properly and makes the operator feel confident. It monitors if the power supply is normal and if the antennas operate normally, etc.
  • The security of the working personnel is guaranteed according to the Bulgarian standards BDS 14525-90 and BDS 17137-90, the European Union standard SAR and the NATO standard STANAG 2345.


Parameters Present Recosrds
     Frequency range GSM /800/900

GSM /1800/1900


GSM /900/2400/5800

GSM/E /900

WCDMA /900/2100

DCS /1800

UMTS /2100

Satellite (1520÷1670) MHz, (optional)

Satellite (2400÷2500) MHz, (optional)

     Subranges 8 (optional up to 10)
     Total Output power ≥ 720 W (optional up to 900 W)
     Output power per frequency range ≥ 90 W per frequency range
     Interference type Fast Random Scanning (FRS)
     Interference kind Barrage
     Power supply 20 ÷ 28V (DC); 95 ÷ 265V/50Hz (AC)
     Temperature range, °C from (-40) to (+55)
     Internal ventilation Air cooling
     Auto test Permanent auto-diagnostics for each frequency range
     Controls/indicators System zeroize function

VSWR self-control and autoprotect system

Thermo autoprotect system

Under and over voltage autoprotect system

Frequency range status indicator

Secure ON/OFF switch

Permanent autodiagnostics for each frequency range


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